Here I take pride knowing that Sound Planner is unit tested, but I've struggled in dealing with Android 3.x. Really I feel it's the TabActivity versus Fragments. If you're not in the know, then TabActivity class is something that has gone the way of the Dodo in favor of Fragments. As the name suggests, Fragments are a portion of class views that allow you to combine multiple views to make a more customizable experience; including a way to make them look like tabs!

So why I'm explaining this is that RoboGuice 1.1.x is currently used for Sound Planner. Did you know 2.0.x is out now? Well, yup, it is! Anyway, the latest and greatest supports Fragments, but I had struggled in the past getting a multi library project working with a testing framework known as Robolectric. Because of this, RoboGuice 1 had test classes in place, while RoboGuice 2 does not. It's been suggested all over to use Robolectric. Anyway, finally after having a little bit of free time, I finally was able to get things working.

The goal is to update the code base so all current versions, 2.2 through 4.1 are supported using Fragments. Hell, faster unit testing too wouldn't be bad either!

Hopefully, there will be a visual for you soon, but to those of you who struggle(d) like me, here's how I put things together. I'm discussing visual options (WebSvn) with our hosting provider, so we can get a visual for everyone. Until then, check it out, svn://